About Maestro’s Journal

As family caregivers, we want our elderly members to live in a safe environment, as healthy as possible, and hopefully happy. However, we often find ourselves in need of help and support as well.

Which is the driving force behind this forum: to create a place where anyone can go, safely and without judgment, and share their experiences. And maybe find answers to many of the questions other caregivers have also asked themselves. And to have a source for the support so valuable to all of us.

_ _ _ _ _

Maestro is my pen name of choice, in honor of one of the lively little terriers my husband and I share our lives with. He was named by our good friend when he was born, and we found the name to be so true to his personality, we decided it was a keeper. It is my daily reminder of his enthusiasm for life, curiosity of all things and instinctively helpful nature.


One thought on “About Maestro’s Journal

  1. Dear “Maestro”, thank you for liking some of my blog entries. I came here and read about 30 of yours and liked them all! I am comforted by reading your similar situations, solutions, and frustrations. fortherestofherlife.wordpress.com

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